Navigation application for aerial photogrammetric imaging

The goal of this bachelor thesis is creating the mobile application for the aircraft navigation in aerial survey. Then to describe a principle of aerial photogrammetric imaging, navigation in aerial photogrammetry, mobile solutions for navigation and process of creating the mobile application.

This application is an alternative to professional photogrammetry devices and universal applications. It is based on navigating along flight axes and recording data for post-processing.

The Android operation system, Android Studio and Mapbox Android SDK library were chosen as a platform for development of the application. This application allows comfortable navigation along the flight axes, work with axes, import of a flight plane, display flight data, route record for computer post-processing, GPX export and customization of user interface. A possibility of connecting external GPS modules via USB and Bluetooth was tested and described.

This application is usable in small companies and academicals institutions working in aerial photogrammetric imaging like Department of geoinformatics of Palacký University in Olomouc.

This application is available for free on Google Play to install on smartphone or tablet.